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Welcome to Williamson Brown’s ring consultation.

Most rings made in our workshop use the process of lost wax, mixed metal rings are cast in sections and soldered together. If you require diamonds these can be set using different methods to enhance the piece which gives you total control and flexibility over your bespoke design from our initial sketch, wax model carving through to casting, setting and surface finish.

We feel that thought should be given to the following questions to help us start the process of design to meet your requirements and style. We suggest discussing with your partner first before considering the questions.

Selecting Your Ring

What kind of colour/material do you prefer?

One Colour?

– Rose Gold
– White Gold
– Yellow Gold
– Platinum
– Palladium

Multi Colour

– White and red combination
– White and yellow combination
– White and white

Which ring width is suitable for you?

– Narrow (2.0mm – 4.5mm)
– Medium (5.0mm -7.0mm)
– Wide (7.5mm – 11.00mm)

Which style is a perfect fit to your individual type?
– Classic and elegant design
– Romantic and playful design
– Natural design with intensive structures
– Modern, contemporary design
– Extroverted, flamboyant design

What kind of diamond setting do you like?
– Without diamonds
– With one or just a few diamonds
– Partly or fully set with diamonds

 What about the expected impact on the ring?
– High pressure, based on regular manual work
– Normal wear and tear in the daily life
– Carefully treated, ring will be taken off when working manually and doing sports

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